Admission Requirements

It is a condition of registration that students enrolled in a private college vocational program are required to meet or exceed the admission requirements before they begin a program. A private career college cannot establish an admission requirement that is less than following, unless it is approved by the superintendent:

- An Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent, or
- Student are 18 years of age or older and pass a qualifying test that has been approved by the superintendent, or
- Meet other academic qualifications or minimum age requirement established as a condition of the supervisor’s approval of the program, and
- Have met all additional admission requirements established by the private career college for the program

The majority of material will be learned via hands-on experience, and physical ability is critical. For a student to successfully continue a career as a dog groomer, they must have the ability to work with both hands and be able to stand up.

The applicant is interviewed by the Director to discuss the program requirements and content. Also the reason for student’s application will be discussed. A tour of the facility will be given and tuition and payment requirements are also discussed at this time.