School Grooming Services

It’s an opportunity to have a clean and tidy dog all the time in an economy price.

Our Pet Grooming School offers both professional and novice services.

The professional services are provided by experienced IPG groomers, while the novice services are provided by students under the supervision of their instructor. However, you can experience the same professional quality of our services.

Professional Grooming Service

Novice Service

40% off Regular Grooming Price

All Grooming Charges are subject to HST

If this is your first time it is necessary that our professionals look at the condition of your pet’s hair as well as behavior. Therefore, we will charge an initial professional grooming charge.

The Conditions of the model dogs and cats (dogs and cats we take for students)

• Must come within 4-6 weeks
• Must be under 10 years old
• Must be well behaved
• Must be able to come when the school requires them. (will notice 2 days before)
• Dogs must be able to come between Monday to Friday and stay from 9:30am – 5:00pm
• If coming by appointment, please make the appointment a week in advance
• Model dogs must have hair that can be styled
• Model dogs and cats will be selected at our discretion.

The cost of the Novice Grooming Services is to cover the cost of facility, utilities and other essentials for the students training. It is necessary for the Grooming Student to complete their training to groom a variety of dogs and cats.