About Us

Fluffy Paws Grooming School was established in 2014 to provide training and employable skills in profession of the pet grooming. We provide an atmosphere necessary for a Student to excel as an accomplished dog groomer.

Fluffy Paws Grooming School was established by Wynne Wong (Certified Master Groomer). Wynne Wong is the executive groomer and manages Fluffy' Spa since 2002. She strives to keep up her skills and knowledge by attending shows and seminars in U.S. and Canada throughout the years. She became an IPG Certified Master Groomer and CMG of Canadian Professional Pet Stylists in 2006. She is enthusiastic in sharing her grooming knowledge by training Fluffy’Spa groomers since 2006. In 2014, she established Fluffy Paws Grooming School and started training professional groomers.

She has been actively competing in USA and Canada for the last 3 years and won multiple gold, silver and bronze medals. Nominated for 2018 Canadian Groomer of the year and awarded Best All Around Groomer at Mastergroom Canada 2018. She honoured to become 2019 Canadian Groomer of the year and Speaker of the Year. She enjoys competing and meeting fellow groomers from all around the world, exchanging knowledge and supporting each other are always in her focus.

She is honoured to be part of the Canadian Groom Team and is excited to support the growth in the Canadian grooming industry with her grooming family.

Our philosophy is to develop the Students’ skills to the fullest. Fluffy’ Paws Grooming School enables Students to graduate with experience and confidence by becoming competitive in the high demand pet care industry. Dog grooming allows for job security anywhere in the world. Our mission is to make grooming a happy and pleasant experience for both the groomer and the dog.

Our facility is an up and running successful grooming business. There are three grooming rooms; a bathing and drying room, a finishing room and a private class room for quiet instruction and lecture. There is a pantry and locker area for students. The facility is air-conditioned, heated, and is non-smoking.
The majority of instruction will be actual hands-on training, along with lecture and video teaching as well as maintaining student and pet safety.

Our Pet Grooming School is registered as a Career College under the Ontario Career College Act, 2005


Classes are in session 9:30am to 5:00pm
(with 30 minute lunch)

Monday through Thursday

We are closed for all major holidays